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Trip prices are most economical with at least four people, so we can either work to join you with others on a trip, or you can find friends to travel with.  You can either sign up for a trip that we have already planned (see sample itineraries) or we can work with you to construct one that meets your particular interests and abilities.

We can guide you:
- on a horse trek
- on a backpacking adventure
- on an immersion in Mongolian nomadic life
- to the July Naadam Games (horse racing, archery, wrestling)

We can take you:
- by horse, van, or foot
- on a tour of hot springs
- to visit historical landmarks such as monasteries and Turkik stones
- deep into the Hangai Mountain wilderness
- to visit nomadic

We have some sample itineraries that we recommend and we will work with you to plan a trip that meets your interests and abilities (see “Sample Itineraries and Pricing”)

Group size: In order to preserve the quality of your trip, and decrease impact on the land, all trips have a maximum group size of eight. For best prices, we suggest a minimum of four, although we will give you an estimate for one or two upon request. If you are traveling as a group of friends or family, you will have the most flexibility and can set the schedule and length. If you are traveling alone, we will do our best to match you with a group.

Length of trips: Trip lengths range from ten days to four weeks. We suggest longer trips if your schedule allows because we believe that it maximizes your financial expenditures. Furthermore, the depth and quality of experience is heightened with a longer stay. It takes time to acclimate, and many people feel that by the end of one week they are just getting used to the pace of life, diet, culture, and time change. We offer discounts for extended trips (see “pricing”).

Trip Routes: All trips originate and end in Ulaanbaatar. We meet you at the airport, arrange your lodging, food, and transportation, and guide you through Arkhangai Province (about five hundred kilometers west of Ulaanbaatar). Specific routes vary, based on the itinerary, but the bulk of your time will be spent in the heart of Mongolia in Arkhangai.

However, if you have a particulary interest in another geographic area, we can arrange specialized trips to fit your interest. Longer trips provide time for travel to Zavhan Province to the west, Hovsgol Province to the north, and the Gobi Desert to the south.

Specific maps and routes will be provided as we work with you. In an effort to preserve these routes, we do not publish them to the internet.


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