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Amy, Tenger, EnkheeThis is a Mongolian family-run business. We are joint owners and guides, and our family members in Arkhangai work as drivers, cooks, trip organizers, and hosts. Herding families in the countryside provide the horses and ger (yurt) home visits.

We have four children: a son, Tengerjin (6), twin daughters Naran and Saran (4), and 19-year-old daughter, Purevdulam.

A native to Arkhangai, I have a lot of experience traveling the Mongolian countryside by horse and foot. My extended family is scattered around the countryside, and as a boy I spent summers herding horses and other herd animals as well as helping around the gers (yurts).

EnkheeI took my boyhood experience and applied it to horse exploration and travel across the countryside. My love for Mongolia travel inspired me to share the countryside with others who have an appreciation for unique culture, history, and natural beauty.

Living abroad has taught me conversational English and the ability to understand and participate in Western culture. I am able to create bridges between foreigners not just through translating language but also through translating culture. I will be your translator, your guide, and your cultural and historical interpreter.

I have a BA in Acting and Directing and previously worked as a theater director and business manager in Mongolia. I have lived abroad in Sweden, and now Alaska, for eight years. I am an artist, actor, carpenter, and massage therapist.

Amy in MongoliaI first visited Mongolia in 2004 as a Peace Corps volunteer. What had initially been a plan to stay two years developed into three, followed by marrying into a Mongolian family. Mongolia is my second home not only by marriage, however; I fell in love with the lifestyle and generous ways of the people early on. I quickly realized the joy of touring the countryside’s firm, broad steppes by horse, as the nomads have done for centuries.

As an Alaskan, I was raised in the wilderness and worked as a backpacking and sea kayaking wilderness guide for six years. Leading travel adventures around Mongolia with my husband is a perfect complement to my background.

I have worked as a public school English teacher for the past eight years, and taught ESL in Mongolia for three years. I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a BA in Geology.


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